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New event series in collaboration with Venture Café

February 15, 2019

Dialogue: Grow-Feed-Innovate


RSA JFN is excited to announce a new series of events to be run in collaboration with Venture Café at Toranomon Hills. Each session will take the form of an interactive conversation with invited guests who are developing innovative food solutions for a more sustainable society. 



Currently, the Tokyo megatropolis faces a food and water future that seems bleak. Japan’s national self-sufficiency rate is under 40%, and the central government aims to raise this level to merely 45% by 2025. While self-sufficiency is only one measure of the crisis facing the provision of sustainable high quality nutrition for its people, in Tokyo, like many other major metropolitan cities around the world, land-use policies and waste have poisoned and compromised the food chain. But out of need, innovations emerge. This series will explore food innovations from many angles, from production technologies to architecture and urban planning to ideas from space flight and left field. Our aim is to create a vibrant environment for innovators, investors, and foodies to collaborate and design a brighter and sustainable food future for Tokyo and the world.



For each of the sessions in this series, we will be inviting a number of guests to engage in a moderated discussion. Audience participation is encouraged. The primary language of discussion is English. Since this is taking place in Japan, we want to encourage Japanese speakers to join the conversation, but we don’t intend to allow interpreting to constantly interrupt the flow of conversation. English will enable international innovators to easily join in our discussions at Venture Cafe and will also enable the innovations developed in Japan to engage international audiences.



SESSION 1: Thursday March 7

Tokyo’s Food Future: Rainbows Follow a Downpour 

The first session will explore some of the darkest issues and brightest innovations concerning food in greater Tokyo and Japan. The discussion will introduce ideas and intents that will be revisited through the  rest of the series. We will give examples of how some people throughout Tokyo and Japan are successfully engaged in concrete and innovative solutions around food education, urban farming, cooperatives, food waste reduction, farm-to-table initiatives, and SDGs.


Mr. Jon Walsh, Director and CEO, Business Grow

Ms. Joan Lambert Bailey, Food, Farming, and Farmers Market writer

Ms. Emi Do, Ph. D. student in Agricultural Economics and Cooperatives

Moderator: Mr. Michael K. Kato, President and CEO, Japanese Greats


Time: 19:00-20:00, Thursday 7th March

Place: Toranomon Hills 2F (Check-in: Toranomon Hills Cafe) 1 Chome-23-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 105-6390

Cost: free

Bookings: booking is not essential but to help our planning we'd be grateful if you could register for the Venture Café 7th March Thursday Gathering here.

Language: English



Tuesday May 14th 2019

Thursday July 4th 2019









日本の食料自給率が40%以下ということは周知の事実ですが、これは食物を巡る問題の極一面でしかありません。食物を巡る問題は広く、土地利用の問題、食物廃棄の問題がもたらすfood chain全体の問題を問うことになります。







Vol. 1:3月7日(木)

Tokyo’s Food Future : Rainbows Follow a Downpour




Mr. Jon Walsh, Director and CEO, Business Grow

Ms. Joan Lambert Bailey, Food, Farming, and Farmers Market writer

Ms. Emi Do, Ph. D. student in