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Upcoming Event - Education 2020: Crisis Driven Change

This event is run in conjunction with the BCCJ and Talk Education Tokyo

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday 24th November

Time: 6.30-8.00pm JST

Event type: Zoom Webinar

Language: English

Booking and registration: This event is online and free of charge. Advance booking is required to secure the Zoom invitation. Details coming soon.

About this event:

Uncertainly has prevailed for educational organisations across the world throughout this year. The impact of COVID-19 on education has been profound. With school and university campus closures, online and hybrid learning systems have been rapidly proliferating. The challenges and frustrations have been immense and can be palpably seen on the faces of educators, educational leaders and parents worldwide!

But has the COVID-19 crisis also presented the teaching profession with an opportunity to more deeply examine the widening cracks in an already creaking education system. Can schools and universities sagaciously leverage this crisis driven opportunity?

The RSA partners with schools in the UK through the RSA Academies program and has more recently developed the RSA Inequality in Education Network which ‘aims to provide high quality presenters from the education or political worlds and use them to lead discussion on an aspect of the drivers of unequal outcomes in education in

England.’ More information can be found here.

In support, join the RSA JFN for a panel discussion on how the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is driving change in schools and universities. We will consider whether online learning and AI really present opportunities for improved educational equity. What could future education models look like? Where will learning and thinking priorities lie? How can critical thinking, creativity and wellbeing be ardently embedded into new school designs?

Capitalising on being a remote event, Sue Aspinall will be joining us from The Netherland, Yuko Itatsu will speak from Toyko, Ziver Olmez will be connecting from Turkey and FRSA Kirsten O’Connor will be a contributing moderator, also based in Tokyo.


Sue Aspinall FRSA

Executive Headteacher, British School in The Netherlands

Over the last twenty two years, Sue Aspinall has been leading schools through significant change, intent on raising the quality of learning and teaching available to their students. Her headship experience encompasses four schools; an inner London state school and three British International Schools each in different countries. Sue knows how it is to live a global life and transition between cultures and across countries. She has the ability to build diverse teams and motivate staff around common goals. She empowers staff to lead from within and coaches them to reach their highest aspirations. An experienced leadership development facilitator, Sue provides bespoke and impactful learning experiences for leaders who want to make a difference.

Yuko Itatsu, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

Yuko Itatsu is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo. She currently has a joint appointment at the Global Education for Innovation and Leadership Program at the University. She received her B.A. and M.A. in American Studies from Tsuda College, and her Ph.D. in History from the University of Southern California as a Fulbright Scholar. Yuko has a keen interest in educational development and continued professional development and has been teaching U.S.-Japan cultural relations, minority studies, popular culture, and media studies. She has recently embarked on research on artificial intelligence and social justice issues. 

Ziver Olmez

Educator and Development Economist

Ziver is an educator and a development economist. He has worked in the school investment sector in Asia for 12 years. He was the Director of Research & Development for Harrow International Management Services (Harrow Schools in Asia), developing and refining both compliance and international school turnkey systems for a wide range of school development projects in China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Ziver holds an MA in Development Economics (Sussex, UK), and an MSc in Energy Economics and Policy (Surrey, UK). He has published research in benchmarking and frontier analysis, and is a contributor to strategy formation for top management consulting firms in Asia.

Kirsten O’Connor FRSA

Founder and Director, QUEST TOKYO KK

Kirsten O'Connor is the Founder and Director of QUEST TOKYO KK. Launched in 2018, the company offers a range of educational services and tutoring to the Japanese and international communities in Tokyo. Additionally, as Education Director for Clarence Education Asia, Kirsten is involved with developing and opening new international

schools and outdoor education opportunities in Japan. For the final six years of her 17 years at The British School in Tokyo, Kirsten served as Head Teacher of the Primary School. Her educational background includes a BA.Ed in Primary Education and English, an M.Ed in Educational Leadership and the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). Kirsten is a passionate advocate for high quality learning experiences and outcomes for students both in and outside the classroom.