Sweden's Strategy and Herd Immunity


Kimie Hamamura FRSA and Ryuji Akimoto FRSA have recently taken on a monumental task to study coronavirus combative measures in Sweden and New Zealand. Scientific research is a daunting yet rewarding task for those in the science community, but what is particularly impressive about the work of these two Fellows is that they have taken on this research in their own free time, separate from jobs and other obligations. This is such an inspiration for any of us who want to probe deeper into topics typically believed to be the property of experts only. Here are some words from Kimie and Ryuji about their research:

We encountered very interesting theme about the struggle with Coronavirus pandemic. Giving several thoughts on worldwide emergency like this and sharing them should be beneficial among RSA follows, we believe. We hope this study could help have us understand the issues more and seek for any solution for this global crisis. Sweden has been struggling Covid-19 in a very different strategy to other countries. This is a presentation of the research about how it’s been doing and the theory of Herd immunity, which seems closely related to Sweden’s strategy. This presentation includes international comparison especially with New Zealand, which implemented opposite way to Sweden and has got a certain level of success to contain the virus. But either way of approach has strengths and challenges for the future. The research is as of 16th May 2020, so the situations have been updated after that.