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March Link Round-Up

In an effort to help Fellows in Japan stay more connected with RSA networks abroad, I'll be posting a whole bunch of links each month for online events, current articles and research by the RSA, and anything else that I hope will be relevant to your interests.

Online Events*

The Future We Choose - 2 March, 10pm - Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, two of the leading UN figures behind the landmark Paris Agreement, urge us to confront the climate crisis head on, with determination and optimism.

The Secret Power of Peer Pressure - 11 March, 10pm - Could we save the world by shifting our social norms? Economist Robert Frank explores how we can collectively create social environments that promise a better future.

How to Decide in an Uncertain World - 12 March, 10pm - Mervyn King and John Kay explore what to do when we don’t know what the future holds - but we have to make decisions anyway.

How to Change the World - 19 March, 10pm - Writer Helen Lewis offers a fresh perspective on the battle for equality, reclaiming the history of feminism as a history of difficult women.

*online events can be watch on the RSA's YouTube or Facebook Events page.


A new Minimate here.

RSA Media

If you don't know already, the RSA has a great podcast called Polarised, mainly covering political and social issues.

A new article on the psychology of melancholy.