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  • Rab Paterson, FRSA

The Good Work Workshop with Tony Greenham

RSA Japan Fellows’ Network was privileged to host the Good Work Workshop event on the Future of Work at CTW in Omotesando with Tony Greenham, RSA’s Director of Economy and Enterprise. The RSA’s Chief Executive Matthew Taylor had been commissioned by the UK Government to produce a report on the future of work and how society would be affected by the growing influence of technology in the workplace as represented by apps, artificial intelligence and robots. The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices by RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor is available HERE.

The event had a good blend of established RSA Fellows, some Fellows who were relatively new to the RSA, and non Fellows. Tania Coke, Japan Connector started the evening off by welcoming people to the event and then briefly introduced Tony Greenham.

Tony then gave a brief self introduction followed by an overview of the RSA for the benefit of those who did not know much about the RSA, and this background information session lead nicely into an overview of the Taylor Report and it’s findings, also given by Tony. This was followed by a screening of a short video made by the RSA featuring young people in the UK who give their views on what Good Work means for them. The video is hosted on the RSA site HERE.

After this Rab Paterson, FRSA explained how the evening’s group sessions / data gathering would work and attendees split into four groups with each group chaired by an RSA Fellow. There were two discussion / workshop sessions and attendees rotated around to another group after the first session while the group chairs remained to work with the new incoming members. The first session was based on “What experience of work do you want for the people you care about?” while the second was entitled “How can we create a culture of good work in our lives?” During each session the chairs collected all the ideas and input them into hyperlinked Google Documents nested into a master Google Document which was shared with all attendees.

Each group produced a wide range of ideas as would be expected given attendees ranged from university students, through corporate workers, CEO’s, the self employed, and retirees, and with the attendees including Japanese and non Japanese. However common themes did emerge.

In the first more personal session these were the need for financial stability, having a sense of purpose, happiness, and equality. For the second topic the largely Japan focussed discussions (as most attendees are based

here) these included needing a culture of acceptance and appreciation, appreciating diversity and self-efficacy, promoting inclusion and contribution, and creating powerful networks for good that can work across cultures.

As usual with RSA Japan events there was delicious food supplied by the CTW restaurant underneath the venue along with some refreshing beverages. And the evening ended with a visit to The HobGoblin, a well known British style pub in Shibuya where the discussions continued well into the evening!

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