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RSA Fellows News: Tania Coke's New Show "Touch Me Not" on 18th and 19th September

Dear Friends of RSA JFN

This is to let you know about my new show "Touch Me Not", showing at the World Peace Theatre in Kawasaki on 18th and 19th September. I would love to be able to share this work with you!

Details below, and a trailer and a teaser attached. ~Tania

A trailer: https://youtu.be/IYgqxQeXSJA And a teaser: https://youtu.be/qXWIxiwNhqY

"Touch Me Not" - A Physical Drama

Produced by Yokohama Theatre Group Directed by Tania Coke Starring Andrew Woolner and Naoe Kawamoto, featuring tarinainanika (Kentaro Suyama and Tania Coke)

A film-maker struggles to detach himself from his past, after the tragic loss of his actress wife and the films they made together. Entangled in his world of memories and dreams, he is barely aware of the young woman who moves silently around him with a broom and a dust cloth.

Touch Me Not is a indefinable story that weaves together the sweep of a broom and the execution of a hero, the whirring of a film projector and the strumming of a guitar, the poetry of the greats and the word “farewell”.

Show Length: 60 minutes

Show Times: September 18 - 12:30, 16:00, 19:30 September 19 - 12:30, 17:00

Tickets (for just this one show) Adult - 2500 Yen Child (14 and under) - 1000 Yen Oyako Pair Ticket (1 adult & 1 child): 3000 Add 1000 yen (adult) or 500 yen (child) to watch the other show in this double bill ("A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup")

Venue: World Peace Theatre, Kawasaki: http://ytg.jp/en/about-en/maps-en/358-jds-en

Further information and booking details here: http://ytg.jp/en/shows-en/ upcoming-shows-en/494- fullgamut-en

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